backing up files on another computer

My old desk top computer runs very slow, and for some reason the backup, after running for hours, ends up failing.  Is it possible to back up files on my desk top via my laptop?

Also, can I access the desk top's backed up files on Norton, from my laptop?



Re: backing up files on another computer

Hello Freddies,

The Norton Online Backup service does not support backing up data via a network drive or UNC path. Can you answer the following and we can see if we can root out the issue:

  1. What errors are you seeing when it does fail?
  2. Have you tried cutting down the number of categories/files selected, let a smaller set complete and add more in a bit at a time? That way it has a higher success rate considering it's dealing with possible system issues.

Yes, you can access your files via any web browser. If you have the service installed on the laptop as well you'll be able to restore entire data sets. Without it installed on the laptop you can download individual files.

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