Norton Online Backup Failed to Activate

Today I did a Full System Scan using Norton 360 Premier 2013. When the file back up ran afterwards, it automatically failed and told me that I had to activate it despite working fine just yesterday. When I checked the "Backup Details" it showed up all green but my available space was at 0KB. I logged in and tried to reactivate it o nobu.backup.com and my Norton product itself. When I told to enter my product key to activate the online backup it automatically failed and gave me the following message:
"Failed to activate your subscription . Please checj the code you entered and try again."
I spent the last two hours looking the solutions but nothing worked.



Re: Norton Online Backup Failed to Activate

Hello Kaze-Z,

This is a common mistake that is made, with an easy fix. Open N360 and click the backup tab. Then choose the restore option.

On the new choices, choose veiw all. On the next screen near the bottom you will see click her to activate your secure online storeage. Please click that to activate the back up. 


Michael: Technical Account Manager NAM

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