Norton Online Backup - More confusion over charging

Having tried Norton Online backup and purchased the product after much confusion over price and what it actually does, the end of the original trial period has produced yet another confusing issue.,

I am now getting a 'Nag Screen' urging me to purchase the produce 'for my own protection', notwithstanding the fact that I have already purchased a licence which is duly registered on my account.

Furthermore, I can't actually see how to get rid of the pop-up or the original trial subscription.

Any advice will be most welcome.

To summarise my experience with Norton Backup thusfar:

1/ It was advertised at one price (£19.99) but, on converting the trial into a full licence, attempted to charge twice as much

2/ It is impossible for a UK customer to discover the cost of additional storage capacity before purchasing the basic licence - then it proved to be around twice as much as published US prices and the UK price quoted by a Symantec support person

3/ Having purchased the product, it is now urging me to do so again

4/ Although the backup of small amounts works fine, backing-up large amounts is painfully slow with 50+ Gigabytes taking several days and no clear indication of what is going on

5/ Documentation is generally poor and confusing - for example, in trying to complete the first backup there was no access to backed-up files for several days - resolved by doing a small backup first which then exposes all subsequent backed-up files, even where the backup failed to complete. 

6/ The product seems to interfere with the Norton Ghost software that I use for USB-disk backups and a re-boot is sometimes required to resolve the matter.

7/ Finally, it seems that the product no longer backs-up Apple/Android devices, despite reference to these being included on the invoice/order documentation.

I must say that the 'Community Support' service has been very useful but it really shouldn't be that difficult to implement a product worth £20.