Online backup will not activate

I accepted an update to Norton 360 and online backup will not activate on my Windows 7 machine.  I have tried all solutions suggested in various posts in this forum - uninstalled and reinstalled, tried to buy more storage, turned off Backup, restarted and then turned on Backup, tried to restore files . . . nothing is working.  When I try to buy more storage, I get a message that my online storage is activated and I may now proceed to backup my files online.  But still, Online Backup says "Not Activated" on Account Status tab, and the option isn't there among by backup locations.  My subscription shows 280+days remaining, and I'm using 78% of my available storage.

This is not an issue on my new Windows 8 laptop (which has nothing on it; I don't desperately need the backup like I do for my desktop).



Re: Online backup will not activate

Hello Meand3XYs

Based on what you've told us it sounds like it is properly activated. There is something preventing it from realizing that on the one machine. I can have the account checked and see if there is an account specific issue We may need to arrange a time for you to work with an agent. That'd allow us to review the logs stored on that computer. Can you send the following to me via private message?

  • The email address associated to your Norton account.
  • If we need to reach you - the best phone number to call you
  • At least two separate times we can call when you'll be at that computer
  • A link to this forum post as reference.

Please note I'll try to resolve this via the forum but it may require the additional steps.

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