Norton Online Backup Not Working!!!

I have been getting a message saying my computer is at risk because I haven't run the backup in a while. So I hit the fix it button in the same box. The backup started working so I shut the screen off. A couple of hours later I came back and checked it, and it said that the backup had failed. When I checked deeper it said that my Online Backup had expired, and I needed to renew. The problem is though I have auto renewal. Then I looked on the page that shows all of my Norton products and it said that I still have about a year left on my subscription, but that my computer is offline. I don't understand what that means because I looked and there was no break in my online service. So I kept checking on the Norton site, and I found another page where it said something about me having Online Backup but not Online storage. It seems that if you have one you would have the other. At this point I was getting really confused. I have been using the same settings for my auto backup for a few months now so I can't figure out why things got changed around. Is there some one out there who has any ideas about how to get this mess straightened out? I would really appreciate any ideas that any one has. [Removed]




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Re: Norton Online Backup Not Working!!!

Hello junebuginsac,

Please contact Norton Customer Support for assistance with your issue.  You may either have two accounts or your current installation may not be properly connected to your active account.  Either way they will be able to assist you in correcting your issue.


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Thank you,NicoleIT Support Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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