Re: Online storage that I cannot purge

I've made an error that I can't get out of - please help!

I have N360 and have been backing up to 12GB online for several months ok.  I decided to install NOBU to better manage my backup and also bought an extra 25GB.  NOBU ran overnight but failed and says no files were saved.  However my storage usage has shot up from 32% (11GB of original 12GB) to 62% of the 37GB total!  I cannot purge this extra usage through NOBU and in trying to find a solution myself have made things worse.

I uninstalled NOBU and tried to clear the storage in N360 - I made another local set and backed that up then deleted the online set.  However I made the mistake of only deleting the Set not both the Set and its' files.  I still have 62% of my 37GB used but cannot purge any files from it.

I'd like to have all my online storage cleared so I can start again with NOBU.

Please advise.




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Re: Re: Online storage that I cannot purge

Hi David,

Go to My Computer within Windows. From there you'll see the usual list of drive letters installed on your PC. From there you should see an item called Norton Drive. Go ahead and double-click on that and it will display all the Norton 360 backup sets. You should be able to right-click on it and select Delete to remove it.

Make sure to let the process complete and not cancel it out. It can take a little bit of time to run. Once the first set is finished move onto the next one you want to remove.

If the sets are not visible please shoot me a private message containing the following:

  • The email address associated to your Norton account
  • A link to this post as a point of reference

From there I'll have engineering take a look. If it's determined that we need to process the purge for you there will be an extra step. I'll help you out with that if it comes to it.

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