Restoring to new computer

Please help!

Why is my restore saying that is it at 129% and still working? This is day 3 - ridiculous! I have kept my PC on by changing my power settings except I do let the screen turn off. It will only run for a few hours before I have to log on again. Sometimes it picks up where it left off and others it starts all over again. I have Win8, 64 bit system. I don't believe it is an internet provider problem as that is working fine. I'm frustrated to say the least. Please help!


Cindy Coe



Re: Restoring to new computer

Hello Cindy,

Please PM me with the email address associated with your account and I will have the engineers verify everything is showing correctly on the server side for you account.  As well as check the status of your restore.

Thank you,NicoleIT Support Specialist, Symantec Corporation

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