NOBU renewals and Norton Management

I have two PCs which both show up properly (with green ticks) in Norton Management.  Both have NIS installed (for reference - that is not an issue here).

Both PCs have been using NOBU fine, and the last two annual renewals have been for "Household" as the number of licences.

1)  From the "My Devices" tab in Norton Management, each PC doesn't show NOBU, just NIS under "Products Installed".  Should NOBU show up here as well?

The NOBU renewal is due again mid-December, but on clicking the "Renew Now" button the "Billing and Payment Information" screen that appears shows "Norton™ Online Backup 25GB (1 Year Subscription for 1 PC)" at the same price for just 1 PC as for the whole household last year.

2)  I need to renew for the whole household - how can I do this?  Of course I want to keep all recent backups, etc.