Backup Quota Incorrect

As seems to be a common problem, my backup usage quota is incorrect.  The amount used shown on my NOBU screen is about 33 GB but according to NOBU support, I have over 39 GB used.   I would like somebody to look into this and find out why.  I have purged some backup sets in the past so possibly something wasn't purged properly.

Please do NOT suggest to try Chat.  They are useless.  I just wasted two hours there.  The first hour was with the first tech who had to take remote control of the computer and look at the NOBU home screen for 20 minutes just to believe the issue was what I'd told him in the first 2 minutes.  Then I had to wait 30 minutes for a "supervisor" who spent all of about 5 minutes before deciding that level 2 support needed to look at it.  He assured me they'd be "online" right away but after another 30 minutes of waiting I disconnected the session.  

From reading previous posts, it seems like the Symantec mod's here can handle this issue simply by messaging me for my email address and talking to support for there.  That's what I need.

Now if only somebody will respond to this post (since I never got a response to my previous request back in mid-December).