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ip addresses

to protect a computer you need to know eveything about hacking and cybercrime anti virus software just scans to hack you need the computers ip address to protect the computer you need to protect the computers ip address if ip address is protected and hiden then the computer is protected make anti virus software that can scan defracgment and hide the computers ip address all you need to do is go to then search how to change or hide a computer ip address or search how to hack a computer then see how much hacking software is available to download from the internet

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Re: ip addresses

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Hi hina,


To protect a computer from hackers, all that is needed is a firewall and common sense.  A software firewall, such as the Norton Smart Firewall will block any connection attempts from the internet that are not in response to a request from your computer.  A router accomplishes much the same thing,  but does so by assigning a local IP address to your computer which is not visible or routable on the internet.  Again, any incoming traffic that the router cannot match to a request from a PC on the local network gets dropped.  Without an invitation, a hacker simply cannot get in, even if your IP address is known.  There are anonymous proxy services that you can use to hide your IP address, but these are intended more to protect your privacy than to prevent hacking.