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Introducing Norton Genie!

Online scams are some of today’s fastest growing cybersecurity threats and can lead to financial fraud or identity theft. Scams like these frequently pop up in emails or text messages, and sometimes they can be tough to identify. Norton Genie is a revolutionary scam detection technology that helps to keep you safer from financial fraud and identity theft.

Norton Genie is one of the industry leading real-time AI-powered scam detection tools that help you identify these types of threats, which can lead to financial fraud and identity theft. Combining advanced AI and proprietary cybersecurity data from Norton, Genie helps users quickly and easily identify scams. With a few clicks, Genie will tell you if a text, email, or website is potentially a scam and why*. This brand-new innovation from Norton is in an early access phase and still learning. Every time you use it, you're helping Genie get smarter. You can post your feedback on the Norton Genie community board.








How do I get Norton Genie?

You can access Norton Genie for free at Norton.com*** or download it from Apple’s App Store**. It’s brought to you by Norton, a leader in consumer cyber security.





How do I submit a message to Genie?

Simply copy and paste or upload a screenshot of the text message, social media post, email, or website you want to be checked into Genie (Android****, iOS app** or Norton.com***), and in seconds, it will help determine if they appear to be a scam and why*.




How does Norton Genie work?

Genie’s advanced artificial intelligence can identify signs of various scams, from phishing to extorsion, and it explains what the cybercriminals are trying to accomplish and tips for the next steps to take. Genie also helps protect you by inspecting websites such as online stores to determine if they appear risky before you provide personal or financial information.

Why do I need Genie if I already have antivirus software that includes anti-phishing?

Anti-phishing software focuses on detection and prevention. For example, it looks to filter scam emails before the user even knows it is there. Similarly, if a scam email contains a malicious URL, the software will warn the user allowing the user to choose whether they want to continue to go to the website. Genie focuses on detection and response. The potential scam message has already reached the user, and now the user needs a tool to determine if it is a scam. Genie provides not only the answer but also additional information, such as why it made that assessment and what are potential next steps the user should take.

Will Genie always be able to tell me if a message is a scam?

Genie will not always be able to determine if a message is a scam. In such cases, it will provide advice on the next steps for you to take to evaluate whether it is a scam.

Can I trust Norton Genie?

Genie is brought to you by Norton, a leader in consumer cybersecurity. Advanced AI combined with proprietary cybersecurity data from Norton, enable Genie to help identify scams before you engage with them. Norton has an extensive library of known phishing attacks, malicious sites, and key indicators that signal a scam, which are all used to train Genie.

Where can I post my feedback on Norton Genie?

You can post your feedback on the Norton Genie community board. To post your feedback, you need to sign in with your Norton account or create a new Norton community account.



* Depending on the content of a message, Genie may not be able to tell if it is a scam or not, but it will provide guidance on the next steps to consider taking.
** Genie is only compatible with iOS devices running iOS version 15 and higher  
*** The web version of Genie will be supported on the most popular browsers on computers and tablets: Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox
​​​​​​​**** Genie is only compatible with Android devices running Android version 8 and higher.